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My name is Marlene McCohen and I have spent my whole life caring, loving, and rescuing birds. I got my first Cockatiel, Doolie, at a very young age and from there, my passion for birds began to grow.

Over the years I have owned, rescued and helped many birds and currently have a flock of 11 exotic birds that I care and love for every day. Through my YouTube channel, Marlene Mc’Cohen, I have used my experience, knowledge and passion to educate and encourage people from all over the world to improve their birds lives one step at a time and spread our message, #EngagedNotCaged. 

Birds are very unique animals and they require lots of attention and engagement which is one of my top priorities when it comes to bird companionship. Parrots are full of energy and require constant attention but sometimes it’s impossible to spend every waking moment with our companions which is why it Is important to find ways for your bird to have the ability to self-entertain. Foraging and toys are a very important component for healthy and happy birds, otherwise these intelligent beings, may resort to plucking, screaming or other stress-like behaviors. We all know that a bored inactive bird will find something to play with and chew on when left alone or engaged properly. This can at times lead to some of your personal belongings to get destroyed or ruined by a bird with access energy.

We understand that it can be very hard to keep up with purchasing the proper toys, swings, and accessories for your companion, either because you may not have access to stores in your area, aren’t sure what you will be buying online or you simply lack the time to do so, and prefer to use that time to actively spend with your companion.

For that reason, I decided to launch the Feathered Fun Box for small/medium and Large birds. The Feathered Fun box is a subscription box full of hand-picked or custom items that will include different items for parrots such as toys, treats, and other items necessary for your companion and their engagement….AND…there will even be surprise merch in there such as custom collectible items just for you, the parront, currently only available to Feathered Fun Box subscribers!

The Feathered Fun Box will arrive at your door with new items at your home each month. Each month we will send you a variety of new items that will help your companion make it through those days when you can’t engage with them as much as you would like. These Items are chosen every month by me, with my very own birds as decision makers. Our boxes and THEMED which for me is a very exciting part of the surprise, so you may recognize some of my birds’ favorite toys from the show and previous episodes. 

I hope your Feathered Fun Box will help you and your companion build a healthier, stronger relationship and that your birds will look forward to their gifts each month.

Thank you for your subscription! I would love to see you and your companion’s reaction on Instagram, so don’t forget to tag me @marlenemccohen and @featheredfunbox so we can share your pictures and videos! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. 

With love,  

Marlene Mc’Cohen

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