What does the Feathered Fun Box offer? 

The Feathered Fun Box is an all-around experience for you and your feathered friend. Each month a theme is chosen by founder Marlene Mc’Cohen, and each item inside is tested and hand (and wing) selected by Marlene and her team. We also love to celebrate you in each box, with handmade gifts and letters from Marlene for you to enjoy as well! 

What are my subscription options? 

There are 4 subscription options: 

  1. Month-to-Month: Renews every month
  2. 3 Month Prepay: Renews every 3 months
  3. 6 Month Prepay: Renews every 6 months
  4. 12 Month Prepay: Renews every 12 months 

When you choose and purchase a plan, your card will be charged for the full amount at checkout. You may cancel your subscription at any time. 

When is the best time to order? 

Right away! Be sure to get your order in before the 20th of the month, as that is when orders are closed for that month and we begin orders for the following month. 

When does my box ship? 

Our first round of orders ship the week of the 15th of each month, with any additional boxes sent per order afterwards. 

What is the shipping cost? 

Shipping within the USA is free, though a state tax may be added to your order. Prices vary. 

Do you ship internationally? 

At this time, orders to Australia are on indefinite hold due to our mail carrier suspending shipments. We ship internationally ; though due to COVID restrictions, it is your responsibility to check with your local post to confirm they are allowing parcels from the United States.  Please be advised, additional shipping costs will be included with your order. 

My package says it’s been delivered but I can’t find it.

We ship via the USPS and provide a tracking number for every shipment. If you need confirmation of your tracking number please let us know. Please note, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages once they have been delivered. Please make arrangements to have your subscription and other packages delivered to a secure address or location. This is especially important around the holidays. If your package is lost after delivery, we will do our best to help you locate it, but the best course is for you to contact your mail carrier and/or local post office.

My mail carrier informed me my box was returned to you. What now?

Please ensure that your address is correct when you check out! When we receive returned boxes we hold them for 10 days. Please contact us with a corrected address as soon as possible.  If you wish to have your package reshipped, there may be an additional charge shipping.

Can I order a previous month’s box? 

It’s unlikely we’ll have each product in our inventory, but if it’s available, we’ll make it happen! 

Can I order a gift box? 

Yes! On the front page, select the “Give As A Gift” button, then choose the size of the box. Select the “Month-to-Month” plan. As you check out, you’ll see “This Is A Gift” checked, and “1 Delivery, Will Not Renew”. If you don’t see these prompts during checkout, please contact customer service. 

How do I cancel or freeze my subscription? 

After you sign in, click “My Account” under your name, and select the green “Edit” button under “Your Subscriptions”. Follow the prompts to cancel. You have the option to reactivate if needed. 

Can I skip a month? 

Yes! After you sign in, click “My Account” under your name, and select the green “Edit” button under “Your Subscriptions”. Follow the prompts and choose a new date to renew. 

Can I get a refund? 

Per policy, once a plan is purchased, it cannot be refunded. You will be notified with the email you’ve provided when your plan is nearing renewal – be sure to cancel prior to renewal date to avoid being charged. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but are willing to work with you in extenuating circumstances. 

How do I change my subscription? 

After you sign in, click “My Account” under your name, and select the green “Edit” button under “Your Subscriptions”. Follow the prompts under “Choose A New Subscription Term”. 

I moved; can I change my address? 

Be sure to have your address changed before the first round of shipments on the 10th of each month. It is likely a box will NOT be returned once it’s sent out and the box will not be replaced. To change your address: after you sign in, click “My Account” under your name, and select the green “Edit” button under “Shipping Address”. You also have the option to add an address if needed. 

What sized bird would be ideal for the small box? 

Our small bird box pays homage to Picasso, Marlene’s beloved Moustache Parakeet; however smaller birds such as Cockatiels, Conures, and Quakers love them too! You know your bird best, so even if your bird may be on the larger size (ex: Amazon), but you know they love fiddling with smaller more intricate toys, the small box may be the way to go! 

What sized bird would be ideal for the large box? 

Our large box is geared towards medium to medium-large birds, such as the Hahns Macaw, African Grey or Umbrella Cockatoo. You know your bird best, so if you feel this box may still be too small, we’re working on even larger boxes for our gorgeous extra-large birdy buds in the future! 

Can I order multiple boxes? 

Absolutely!! Depending on what you need, you can customize your cart however you see fit! To order multiple boxes: Choose your primary box size, followed by the desired plan. Click “Join Now” at the top and repeat the process, customizing size and plan for your secondary box! 

I have a product that I feel would fit the Feathered Fun Box, do you accept suggestions?

We would love to hear about any upcoming parrot related products that you have that may fit our box. To submit your product, simply email support@parrotstation.com with pictures and details.

Can I leave a review? 

We’d love to know what you think! Post your photos and reviews on YouTube or Instagram with the hashtag #featheredfunbox, or on the cratejoy website here: https://www.cratejoy.com/subscription-box/feathered-fun-box/ 

Your feedback is immensely valued and appreciated! 

If you have additional questions, contact us here: support@parrotstation.com 

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